AK47 is the designation of what is arguably the most infamous and ubiquitous assault rifle of all time; designed in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Negative connotations aside the name is powerful, provocative and synonymous with the traits of efficient design, simplicity, reliability and incredible durability. To quote the designers behind AK47:

'The choice of this name is provocative, strong and incisive. We appreciate the synthesis and efficacy of the object; taking our distance from the purpose for which it was created, but recognising its value as a design. The creative artists at AK47 produce products that are docile, innovative, efficacious and efficient. The intuition of AK47 is to design and produce furnishing accessories that shun the obvious, venturing into questions that are still unexplored.  Wood management is the first theme of the project that AK47 tackled, but we wished to extend our range as much as possible in order to cover an infinite series of possibilities'.

Their range is dominated by the management and disposal of timber in a social setting and extends to ingenious methods of storage for everyday items around the home. They are exciting, original and a welcome addition to the Bonsai fold.

A select number of AK-47's products are featured on this website however the full collection is available now through our Home showroom.

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