Barn In The City

We are incredibly excited to introduce something truly special in the form of 'Barn In The City'. This unique company represents 100 years of history in custom made contemporary furniture, cabinetry and architectural features. Barn In The City is owned and operated by Nancy Torreele and Martijn Van Rijn who between them have had storied careers in the world of interior design and timber & furniture consultation.

At the heart of the concept is beautiful, naturally aged timber reclaimed from old buildings; all of which is around 100 to 150 years old. The climatic extremes to which this timber has been exposed over the course of its life have created a silver/grey to dark grey/taupe patina full of open and closed knots, nail holes and other distinctive character and texture. The timber's age has made it incredibly tough, stable and suitable for a variety of applications both in and outdoors.

Only the best timber is used after being painstakingly reclaimed and no two pieces are the same. The barn wood is also combined with other materials including: stainless steel, nickel, bronze and dazzling clear gloss resins; the latter being the signature feature of their jaw-dropping and beautiful 'Iced barnwod' collection where the timber is suspended in a thick layer of crystal clear acrylic resin. The following applications have been explored so far: 

  • Cladding
  • Wall panels
  • Shower panels
  • Feature walls
  • Doors
  • Tables
  • Consoles
  • Room dividers
  • Cabinets (study, kitchen etc)
  • Mirrors

Although only a small number of Barn In The City products are visible on this website, the full collection is available through our Home showroom. Please visit us in store to discuss your requirements and view a variety of sales literature and samples.

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