Lampe Gras

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A modern classic - a beautiful, functional design and the first articulated lamp in the history of lighting. 

Conceived by Bernard-Albin Gras, it was designed as a practical, precision lighting 'tool' that could be infinitely adjustable whilst remaining stable.  The various models are intended for specific applications, be it floor, desk, wall or ceiling mounted.  Legendary designer Le Corbusier was among the early fans of the design which went on to be the favourite of architects and artists including Robert Mallet-Stevens, Michel-Roux Spitz, Eileen Gray, Brassai, Sonia Delaunay, Matisse and Picasse to name but a few. Lampe Gras is a most welcome addition to the Bonsai stable and one which we know will appeal to any discerning client looking for a practical and stylish lighting solution for their home or office and a collectors item to boot.
There are 16 models to date including: 3 table lamps, 2 architect's lamps, 1 floor lamp, 9 articulated wall lamps & 1 hanging ceiling lamp.

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