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Are these the world's best beds? We would not bet against it.

Every so often you bump into a product, company, or person that simply blows you away. At Bonsai this has happened more than once and we try to make it our business to deal exclusively with such companies as one is pretty much guaranteed to have a good experience and high quality of service to pass on to clients. Though we are fairly new to the world of beds we had heard very positive things about Nilson on the grapevine of our favourite Dutch designers and so when we were invited to visit their showroom our expectations were high.

NILSON is coming soon to this website however the full collection is available now through our Home showroom. Visit us to discuss your requirements and view samples and brochures.

The afternoon we spent as their guests surpassed everything we had hoped for by a comfortable margin and we were bowled over by their professionalism, friendliness, openness and above all the jaw-dropping quality of their beds.  So good are they that some of Holland's best known designers including Marcel Wolterinck, FG Stijl, and Barn In the City have worked with Nilson to create exclusive models as part of their own collections. 

Nilson's product range is divided into two collections, both of which feature the same choice of beautiful headboard configurations, fabrics and contruction types. One collection ('Superior') is the flagship range of 100% hand-made natural fibres whilst the other ('Signature') is an amazing, though more cost effective, alternative made partially from natural fibres and partly synthetic materials. In comfort and aesthetic terms both easily surpass anything we have encountered before and their boast of the 'best night's sleep you will ever have' is not an idle one

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