NLXL 'Obsession' Wallpaper by Daniel Rozensztroch

Daniel Rozensztroch is the artist Director at Merci, where he selects and manages the image of the famed concept store. He is the editorial advisor to leading French interior magazine Marie Claire Maison and designer and collector of objects. He has written numerous books devoted to the art of living and household objects.

Te idea behind this wallpaper collection arose when NLXL founder Rick Vintage talked about Daniel's obsession with everyday objects: "Collecting allows me to understand everything about the object: the meaning of the object, the aesthetics of the object and the use of the object. ...when you have ten, twenty, thirty, it becomes spectacular. Among my collection, there are hangers, brushes, wire objects (a collection I'm very attached to).  Often we realise that we know very little about these humble objects, nobody has ever been interested. 

And yet they are the result of anonymous work, an artisan, a designer and they are also a reflection of society's development. My quest is to feed and educate myself.  It's a story that at the beginning I knew very little about, I discovered it and then at some point my job is finished: I produced a book, an exhibition, an exhibition that travels. I am a person whose interests are endless" says Daniel.