Aix en Provence rustic dining table (M, L, XL & XXL)

by: Bonsai Home

A substantial, rustic dining table collection made from reclaimed timber. Attractive, tactile and full of depth; the beaten and weathered timber finish echoes the V_LAB collection. It is available in four different sizes beginning with the medium at 220cm, ending with the range-topping XXL at a whopping 430cm!  

  • Material: Reclaimed pinewood 
  • Finish: Natural (unfinished)
  • Origin: Indonesia
Available Sizes:

    M: Dimensions (cm): 220 (L) x 105 (w) x 77 (h) x 7 (top thickness) / Av. armchair height: 68cm

    L: Dimensions (cm): 270 (L) x 110 (w) x 77 (h) x 7 (top thickness) / Av. armchair height: 68cm 

    XL: Dimensions (cm): 330 (L) x 110 (w) x 77 (h) x 7 (top thickness) / Av. armchair height: 68cm

    XXL: Dimensions (cm): 430 (L) x 110 (w) x 77 (h) x 7 (top thickness) / Av. armchair height: 68cm


    • This table is made entirely from reclaimed wood that comes from doors and structural beams of old and antique buildings. Variation in structure and colour are inevitable and must be considered acceptable. The timber can also contain natural cracks & holes and any large holes will have been filled with patches/slivers of the same timber.
    • Like all timber the wood in this table can shrink and expand as a result of changes  in temperature and humidity. All precautions in the construction have been taken to prevent damage to this items because of shrinkage or expansion. A measure of control over the humidity and temperature of the final environment will minimise this effect.
    • Standard delivery, unless otherwise requested, in unassembled. ***
    • The table top has a so-called 'envelope' construction. An occasional side effect of this construction are small openings between the central panel and the side beams. This gap may increase (shrinkage typically due to dryer conditions with lower humidity) and decrease (swelling due to increased humidity) as climatic conditions alter throughout the year.
    • Homes with under-floor heating are typically warmer and drier than average so precautions to mitigate shrinkage are advised. Our staff will happily advise you on a good course of action. 
    • The timber is rustic, unsealed and therefore not protected against stains. We strongly recommend that the top be protected before its first use and as such the table will be supplied with a natural wood sealer (a water-based impregnation oil) which will provide protection with minimal change to the original look.  
    • Special finishes and/or advice are available on request.


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