Drum Pendant ScrapLight™(45 or 61 or 92cm)

by: Graypants

The 'DRUM' pendant Scraplight™ comes in three different sizes: 45, 61 or 92cm. The series boasts a slick blending of materials including sturdy black powder coated steel frames, frosted tempered glass lenses, and our most efficient handmade cardboard shades to date. Lamped with a trio of bulbs (incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED), the DRUM Scraplights™ provide a generous amount of both up and down-lighting – perfect for commercial and residential environments. All 'DRUM' Scraplights™ fixtures come standard with a 2 meter long black fabric cord + cable set with matching powder-coated ceiling canopy.

Dimensions (cm): D45 x H21 or D61 x H24 or D92 x H35

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Quality: Scraplights™ are precision cut with a laser then assembled by hand. Slight variations in colour or corrugation pattern are a biproduct of the handmade process and make your Scraplight™ truly unique!

Care: Scraplights™ are made from salvaged cardboard and non-toxic adhesive. They are not meant for damp conditions or outdoor use. Cleaning is simple! We recommend a quick spray with a can of compressed air to remove dust. All shades are treated with a non-toxic fire retardant and to reduce the risk of fire use only a recommended bulb with your Scraplight™.

Scent: When you first open your Scraplight™ you may notice a slightly strange scent that is reminiscent of a campfire! This is perfectly normal and we think of it as an aromatherapy bonus. It is a bi-product of the laser cutting process and will fade over time.

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