Marquetry Wallpaper (pink) - TEU-04 - by Thomas Eurlings

by: NLXL

Marquetry Wallpaper by Dutch Designer Thomas Eurlings is available in pink or blue. Both are part of the ever-growing NLXL LAB collection.

(Leiden 1983) is both a product designer and an interior designer/stylist with an eye for context. ‘I like to approach an interior in a fashionable way. Color, material and a feeling of Zeitgeist are important, just like the wider context such as flooring, textiles and wallpaper. It makes a design more specific and gives it more individuality.’

Thomas Eurlings works from his own studio in Amsterdam on products and interior projects under his own name. He designs interiors, interior accessories, mirrors, wallpaper and textiles. Some of his products have been taken into the collection of, among others, Helderr, ENO Studio and Buhtiq 31. Creating context and collections is a defining factor in all his work. This curatorship is also reflected in the incidental shops / expos that Eurlings organises on a regular basis.

- Dimensions 19" x 394" (53 SQFT) 48,7 x 1000 cm (4,9m2)

- heavy-duty wallpaper with paper top-layer and non-woven backing

- colourfast and washable with a soft cloth

- no wallpapering table necessary, glue is applied to wall

- Fire rating USA ASTM E 84-10 EU B-s1, download

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