by: Biegert & Funk

QLOCKTWO LARGE makes a big statement and is an extremely impressive sight! Twice as big as the stunning QLOCKTWO CLASSIC it is perfect for large, open interiors and public spaces.  As with all of the QLOCKTWO family its striking form gives every room a modern sense of time and each model displays the time in the format of a matrix of letters, spelling the time out in words. A special screen process gives the letters, each of which are illuminated by brilliant LEDs, pin sharp definition. The monolithic body is seamlessly milled from solid aluminium.

The changeable front panel is made from stainless steel or powder coated stainless steel and is available in six colours.

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions (cm): 90 x 90 x 3.5
  • Power supply: 110 - 240 v (lower consumption due to LED technology)
  • Interchangeable front cover
  • Available in 19 languages
  • Handmade in Germany by Biegert & Funk


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