Quadro Bioethanol Fire

by: Conmoto

QUADRO is an all rounder for fire-lovers. It can either be used as an indoor freestanding combustion box or inserted into your existing fireplace. This makes QUADRO ideal for all those looking to revive their obsolete open wood-burning fireplaces with a bioethanol combustion box. The housing does not get hot, meaning that QUADRO is also suitable for use as a table fire on the dining or living room table.


Dimensions (cm): 16 (h) x 34 (w) x 21 (d) / Tank capacity 0.8 (litre) x 11kg (weight)

Material: Black powder coated steel & stainless steel 

Combustion time: ca. 3h

Fuel: Bioethanol 


Bioethanol fuel is available through Bonsai

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