ROLL Bioethanol Fire

by: Conmoto

Fire in the role of its life: fiercely blazing, steady and yet quite free. ROLL FIRE provides warmth wherever it is installed. Anyone who values variety and is looking for all-over warmth will simply love the independent heat it radiates. As it rolls, ROLL FIRE easily balances its stainless steel tank, mounted on its roller bearings. The two glass panes fitted at the sides render it completely transparent. As it is held in place by magnets, when the tank is being filled with bioethanol the glass is lifted off in no time at all. The corpus of the fireplace is covered securely with black felt while rolling on the floor. The glass on the back has a round hole in the pane which helps to lift off the glass and also cares of a perfect dioxygen supply for the fire. However, that’s not all ROLL FIRE can do: with its wall bracket (available as an option), wall mounting is a simple matter. Alternatively, the bracket can be used to secure the fire to the floor – for those who want to see their ROLL FIRE with rather less of a life of its own.
Dimensions (cm): 65 (h) x 65 (w) x 22 (d) / Tank capacity 15 (litres) x 45kg (weight)
Material: Black powder coated stainless outersteel with circular felt fibre reinforced concrete & safety glass / (Tank): stainless steel
Components: Black coated (heat-resistant wet painted) + glass ceramics.
Combustion time: ca. 4-5h
Fuel: Bioethanol 
Bioethanol fuel is available through Bonsai
A wall mount is available for an additional charge (see last image & click option when ordering).
Bioethanol fuel available through Bonsai

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