'The Dancer'

by: Frances Lemmon

This unique piece is best described by Frances herself:

“The Dancer” is about being creative and open to new opportunities'.    

This is one of three pastel drawings that came into being from becoming interested in the prehistoric Guernsey landscape all around us and looking at the different layers of earth literally beneath our feet. I loved working with the pastels as they can be manipulated in various ways; washing them down or layering them like chalk so a subtle depth can be built up over time which creates a softness that is strangely energising and calming at the same time.

Each drawing was based on an image that has stood the test of time and has equal meaning in the 21st century as in the past.

Type: Pastel drawing on canvas, framed behind glass

Dimensions (cm): 70 (w) x 80 (h)

From the same series: Taking The Bull By The HornsLet the Luminosity of your love Shine through

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